Coconut in New Zealand, Sweet Coconut

Hitting the slopes

How does skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand compare to Slovenia and Europe? Well... Skiing resorts around Queenstown are similar to the ones in Slovenia. There are no massive resorts when one valley would be connected to the other one and you could travel around on your skis/snowboard. Instead, they are perfect for day trips,… Continue reading Hitting the slopes

Coconut in New Zealand

Winter chaos

The winter arrived to Queenstown in all its glory! After a few weeks of cold and rain (and of questioning my life choices :)), I woke up into a beautifuuuuuul white morning. There is no doubt it's cold when there is snow outside, right?┬áRemember my previous post about Kiwis and their winter fashion styles? You… Continue reading Winter chaos

Coconut in New Zealand

How do you spot a Slovenian in Queenstown?

Easy. You wait for the temperatures to drop to 1. While Kiwis are still rocking jandals and shorts, the Slovenian is fully wrapped up in winter clothes. The last weekend I spent in Raglan, celebrating my best little friend's 4th birthday party. It was full on summer, which made it even harder to return back… Continue reading How do you spot a Slovenian in Queenstown?

Coconut in New Zealand

Making friends

Meeting people in a small town is much easier than in a million-city. Less people, bigger chance you see the same person again and again. I guess it also helps that most of the people in Queenstown are travellers who came here by themselves so are actively looking for others to connect with. I am… Continue reading Making friends

Coconut in New Zealand

Let the new adventure begin!

Saying goodbye is never easy. It helped that I am flying back to Raglan in less than two weeks :). Nevertheless, I was quite happy to finally hit the road. Being on holidays is awesome, but after a month of doing nothing my brain became slightly disfunctional. If not for myself, I needed to go… Continue reading Let the new adventure begin!