Coconut in the USA

First time in the US & straight to New Orleans

Believe it or not, but it’s my very first time in the US. Ever. And I guess I chose a rather unusual destination to spend my three weeks of holidays – Pensacola, Florida :).

It’s a beach town. It has some waves, but nah, it is not exactly a surfing destination. It is, according to the Lonely Planet guide, a place where white Americans spend their summer holidays. Apparently it gets really hot and busy in summer, but in April, it’s a perfect escape before diving into NZ’s winter.

More about Pensacola some other day. What I actually like the most about it is a fact that is only about 3 hours drive from New Orleans. NOLA or The Big Easy, as it is more often referred to, has been one of the places that were on my list for when I will actually make it to the US. And I am pretty stoked to have spent a few days there this time! And here is how I saw it :):

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