Coconut in New Zealand

Winter chaos

The winter arrived to Queenstown in all its glory! After a few weeks of cold and rain (and of questioning my life choices :)), I woke up into a beautifuuuuuul white morning.

There is no doubt it’s cold when there is snow outside, right? Remember my previous post about Kiwis and their winter fashion styles? You would think if people denied the cold temperatures before, at least they would now accept the fact and start dressing up weather-appropriate? Well, you are wrong. In -5, my colleague walked in the office in beautiful new shoes. Well, I should really call them sandals. I looked and her, wanted to comment, but just rolled my eyes instead. I give up! “What, don’t you like my shoes??” “No, the shoes are beautiful, but aren’t you cold?? I mean, it’s -5 outside, and you have open shoes and no socks. At least you’re wearing a winter coat today…” “What do you mean open shoes?? Toes are enclosed, which makes them proper winter shoes, doesn’t it? Besides, when have you felt cold in your heels??” Hm, good point…

The attitude Kiwis have towards winter clothing is very similar if not the same they have when it comes to cars, roads, snow and tyres. Kiwis don’t believe in winter tyres. I mean, why would you? Winter tyres are for pussies! There is rarely snow to the grounds, so why bother with winter tyres. Yeah, roads get icy in the night, but just drive slow if you have to leave house then. So when it does snow in town, you can imagine the chaos! Life pretty much stops. No one is able to come to work. Town feels deserted, the office is quiet. Buses from outer skirts don’t operate, and the town bus that still goes, has massive delays. Accidents happen one after another, cars literally sliding down the hill (it’s a very steep hill!). I remember similar thing happened once when I was in high school. Ljubljana was covered in snow and it took me two hours to get to school. The traffic was slow, busses were late and crowded. The only difference was that in Ljubljana there was waist-high snow, and in Queenstown… well, to be fair, I think there was actually two centimeters of it on the ground.



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