Coconut in New Zealand

How do you spot a Slovenian in Queenstown?

Easy. You wait for the temperatures to drop to 1. While Kiwis are still rocking jandals and shorts, the Slovenian is fully wrapped up in winter clothes.

The last weekend I spent in Raglan, celebrating my best little friend’s 4th birthday party. It was full on summer, which made it even harder to return back to the south where the snow was forecasted. I woke up the next morning and my nose froze as I only looked through the window. I was taking no chance and put on my 5 layers, gloves, a beannie and a scarf and headed to work. At the entrance I met a colleague, wearing a short sleeved blouse, a skirt (no tights) and summer shoes. “Are we from the same planet??” Her response was simple: “I hate winter clothes and I am not going to put them on before May.” “OK then…”.

As I walked into the office, another colleague passed by in jandals. This one, however, acknowledged the cold weather: “A bit chilly today, aye, I had to put on a jumper!” “A bit chilly?!? Haven’t you seen snowflakes falling down? When does it get cold here then?”

My third colleague rocked to the office in a short sleeved shirt but wearing her ‘winter’ coat. Well, my bathrobe is thicker than that coat! And a bathrobe seems to be a perfectly legit winter outfit, at least according to Kiwis. As I went to a supermarket that evening, a kid ran past me wearing short, a beannie, and… you guessed it, a bathrobe! And then my mum used to complain if I wore pyjama pants to a supermarket 🙂 (mum, I still do, but here I blend in!).

One would’ve thought that I would be the only sensible person in town, after all it is 1 degree outside and snow has come pretty low. However, when I walked into a cafe during my lunch break, I was the one getting the looks: “Oh, you look cold?” “Hellooooo?? It is cold!, No, actually it’s freezing! And no, I am pretty warm in my winter outfit, but thanx for asking!”

Some things I will never understand… 🙂



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