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Ants in my pants (aka Mevle mam u rit)

I live this perfect life. I have a beautiful place to stay with sunsets that even after four years still take my breath away. I work right across the water surrounded by amazing people. I sail a few times a week. I surf whenever the conditions are right (well, at least in summer, I got way to soft to surf in winter 😏). I spend my weekends in Raglan, which is still my favourite place in the world. And I am surrounded by amazing friends. Yet, I am restless. Unhappy. Annoyed by the smallest things. And I got to the point when I roll my eyes way to often. I need to change something!

Right, I have changed three different mobile providers over the past few years. Slowly I am running out of the options… Maybe changing the insurance policy would do the trick? It didn’t, I tried :). I think I need to move…

At the beginning of October we spent a weekend in Queenstown and Wanaka, enjoying the last bits of winter. Every time I am down there, I get overwhelemed by the beauty of that place. And every single time I promise myself that one day I will live there, just for a little bit. Has that ‘one day’ finally arrived?? How do you know when is the right time to move? Is there ever a perfect time to do anything like that? What about surfing and sailing? What about my friends? And Artur, the dog and my favoruite flatmate, can I say goodbye to him? The more I was thinking about it, the more the idea of going down south seemed appealing.

Lake Wanaka

OK, I don’t have to decide straight away, I can go step by step, I guess? First thing I need is  a bigger car, so I can pack all my stuff in it and drive down. Done. Second, it would be helpful if I have a job before I get to one of the most expensive places in New Zealand. I found a job add, sent the application, went for an interview, and then… bam, the job was mine! Holly sh**, things got serious now! What do I do?? Do I take the job or chicken out? I said I was planning to move down South, but am I ready to do it so fast? Maybe I should wait for the summer to be over and move just before winter? But then, how many opportunities like this will I get? I haven’t slept the very best for the following two weeks…

Have I mentioned I hate making decisions? Give me one choice and I’ll make the best of it. But don’t give me options. I suck at it!

I left the office a bit earlier that day. The waves at Muriwai were pumping and I needed to paddle out. And it was beautiful! I had an awesome session and all of a sudden things became super clear. I need to take the job. I need to say yes to the opportunity. I need to give it a go, otherwise I will keep asking myself what would’ve happened. I need to give it a go, this is what I was looking for. Besides, I’ve got a new car for a reason. Oh, and if I quit my job now, I only start the new one at the end of January, which means I score 5 weeks of summer holidays. No brainer :)!

Muriwai Beach (Maori Bay)

I texted my boss, who I am lucky to also be my friend. Who understood what was happening and who supperted me all the way along. “Cat, I’m taking the other job. I’m moving to Queenstown. I’ll give my official notice in tomorrow. I’m just texting you now, so you can show me this message tomorrow morning in case I will have any second doubts. Thank you and love you :).”

And so it happened. From that moment things just started falling into a place. I told my landlords that I am moving out, which was super hard. And I felt terrible doing so right before Christmas holidays. However, just a couple of days prior they had received a text from a guy who was looking for a room in the area, and the very next day he signed the contract. Easy. The following day I mentioned my intentions to one of my clients. ” Oooooo, Queenstown, you’ll love it there! We have a very good friend there and she has a room to rent, we’ll put the two of you in touch.” The lady called me the very next day and we agreed for me to rent the room at her place for the first three months. Too easy :). My friends? “We’ll miss you but hey, we’ll come for a visit! Book us in for Easter!”

So yeah, I guess it’s all happening. I am super excited, a little bit scared, and a bit sad now that all my stuff is packed in boxes and my room doesn’t feel like my room any longer. We’ll see! I might be making the biggest mistake of my life? Or it might be the best move ever? No idea, but can’t wait to find out ;).

I wish you all the best in the New Year, let the 2018 be full of fun and adventures :)!




1 thought on “Ants in my pants (aka Mevle mam u rit)”

  1. Hey Lana, happy new year! Wow, that sounds amazing! Glad to see that you are still following your heart. You were definately one of the most remarkable persons i met during my time in NZ in 2011. You probably wonder who i am 😉 . You can find me on facebook or google me. Howsoever I will visit NZ again in march this year. In case you are interested in a reunion email me: markus.abeln[at] All the best for your changes in 2018! Cheers, Markus

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