Coconut in New Zealand

America’s Cup: what better place to be than NZ?

Well, Bermuda, I suppose :). But NZ is surely the second best place to be on this amazing and looooong (it’s only 11:00 am and I have already done a 7-hour shift) day.

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, where I work, is the home club of the Emirates Team new Zealand. And from today, the home of the America’s Cup. The case up on the first floor has been cleaned and polished and is ready to host the Cup for the next X years. It’s been a long month, but super exciting at the same time. We streamed all the races, which meant getting up at 4.00 am and be at work half an hour later for most of the days. “How can you do it?” Well, it’s hard the first day or two, but afterwards you get used to it. My social life suffered, since I was fast asleep by 8.00 pm most of the nights, but hey, I wouldn’t wanna miss the races for anything.

Especially the last one! Today, the Squadron was booming and buzzing. The rooms were full to the last corner. Flags, confetti, screaming and cheering. Cameras everywhere. A moment (well, about 2 minutes as long as the pre-start is going on) of silence before the start and the first loud applause when the boats crossed the starting light. Holding a breath for bit. Oh no, Oracle seems to go faster. they are first at the first mark. Shit, what have they done to the boat?? We could breath again shortly after. First gybe and ETNZ accelerated, passed the Americans and off towards the 8th win, the 7th point and the Cup. The crowd was supporting them the whole way and it just erupted at the finish line. And that’s when the madness started :).

Champagne, a cake, more champagne, burgers, doughnuts, some more champagne. Mind, it was still dark outside :). The crowed moved up to the bar, the Scottish piper welcomed the sun as it was rising on this beautiful morning, and I jumped on a boat for a little ‘victory cruise’ around the Harbour.

The party continues.

It’s easily been the best day at work :).

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