Coconut in New Zealand

Changing jobs like underwear

Well, I do change my underwear slightly more frequently… :).

After my return from Japan, I hit the bottom. Hard. My first days back at work were supposed to be the busiest. Instead I couldn’t have been more bored. Most of the people would say (and they did say) “lucky you!”. I, on the other hand, felt useless. I could have been gone for three months and noone would have noticed. All the work can be done without me. They didn’t need me. And my ego suffered.

What am I going to do? I don’t really want to go through the whole job searching process again? After only 8 months? And what’s even worse, I have no idea what I want to do. I thought marketing was the logical next step. And I really enjoyed the environment where I worked. I travelled to work by ferry every day, I spent every lunch time doing yoga, I could go sailing every Friday early afternoon, and my colleagues were awesome. “That all sounds well, but, Lana, you’re wasting your time” said my friend (and my job counselour) Eva. “You’re right…”

OK, let’s do this! After a brief search through jobs currently available, I got a taste of it. I want to go back to events. I sent a couple of job applications and got the first invite to an interview the very next day. Hell yeah, this is actually quite fun!

The interview went really well, however there was one slightly more suitable candidate. “All good, thank you for your call!” I’m in the game :).

One morning, I opened Seek (job searching website) again and… OMG, this is it! This is what I want! Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron is New Zealand’s most prestigious yacht club. It is the club where I sail every week. It is the place where I have spent most of my Fridays over the past few months. And they are looking for an events manager. This just couldn’t be more perfect!

“Trubiiii (my very good friend who is teaching me to sail and who happens to be a well respected member of the club), can you please tell them how awesome I am?” He did and three days later I was sitting, sweating, in their office, talking to my potential bosses. I didn’t sleep over the next three days, I can’t remember ever being so nervous about a job. I can’t remember ever wanting any job so much! The call finally came: “Lana, we would like to offer you the job.” F*** yeah 🙂





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