Coconut in New Zealand

A recipe: Gourmet Action-Wrapped Grilled SUMMER with Fun Gratin and Choc Pot Pie Bites

Or to put it in a more simple way: What does it take to have a perfect summer?

Serves: 2+

Total: a few months

Level: easy

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


  • friends, the more the merrier, as long as everyone is on the same page
  • free weekends
  • a (big) car that can fit in everything and everyone
  • a few surfboards
  • a surf guide, an access to wave reports and forecast, some sort of navigation system can be helpful (otherwise just follow the stars)
  • cameras (of all kinds)
  • camping gear (essentials only, although people might have different ideas about what ‘essential’ means)
  • food, don’t forget food, you don’t want people to get hungry at any point in time
  • (preferably) sunny & hot weather and heaps of waves
  • ideas, hundreds of them (and not all of them have to be good)
  • a good level of spontaneity
  • desire to explore
  • music (a few tropical dance songs, like this one for example, are a must!)
  • a pink hula hoop
  • chocolate (with big nuts)
  • sunscreen & zinc


  1. Leave any problems at home.
  2. Pack your bag(s) and your surfboard(s), estimate time and place of departure, be creative when loading the car, and go.
  3. North or South, East or West. Don’t worry, the destination will reveal itself as you go.
  4. Have fun, laugh, sing, dance, paddle hard, laugh some more, eat, sleep, surf, repeat, explore, laugh again. And don’t worry about the time (but make sure you are back at work on Monday morning).


Backgammon with Mr. Grumpy at Raglan Coffee Lane
Just really liked the sofas (somewhere in the middle of Surf Highway, Taranaki)
2016-04-26 (4)
Trying out a new hairstyle at Mangawhai Heads
Time for a food break, enjoying the view (every now and than it’s good to see something else but endless beaches 🙂 )
WP_20160201_20_06_13_Pro (2)
When there’s nothing else to do, climb a tree and take a selfie (this one is from Raglan)
Wherever we are, the Sentjernej flag is with us (this time actually being useful providing some shade at Ruapuke beach)
Creative minds are needed to pack everything (and everyone) in one car
A shark bite or just another of Janez’ pranks?
Never get fed up with sunsets! Or sunrises, or rainbows, or chocolate.
Whangamata from the other side
Making (and then eating) crepes at Tawharanui
Sightseeing in Raglan
Exploring the wilderness (Dawson Falls in Taranaki)
When there are no waves, jump and don’t mind the bypassers (at Cathedral Cove)
Team Slovenia
Waking up to something like this? Not bad, not bad at all. Especially if in Sandy Bay.
Morning session at Te Arai
Somewhere in south Taranaki. No (good) waves, selfie time.
Charging it
We even found Slivovica (plum shnaps)! At Purangi Winery.
Sunset session at Muriwai
Sunrise session at Opoutere
Well, what more can I say?

Photos (mostly) by Janez Mikec.


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